Juicy, Crispy and Perfectly Cooked Restaurant Style Bacon From Your Microwave!

Tips for how to use your BaconBoss™ Cooker

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Read all instructions prior to using the BaconBoss™ Cooker. Keep this instruction sheet for future reference.


  • Use this product only for its intended use as described in this manual.
  • Do not allow children to use this product without supervision.
  • The BaconBoss™ Cooker is dishwasher-safe and can be cleaned with a fine scouring pad.
  • The BaconBoss™ Cooker is perfect for oven cooking but may not be used at any higher temperature than 350°F or 177°C.
  • The glass lid is specially hardened to withstand the oven’s heat, but please take care as it will break if dropped. Do not use force to tighten the lid since this can also cause it to break.
  • Caution: The BaconBoss™ Cooker will become hot in the microwave or oven. Please use mitts or heat resistant gloves when handling.
  • If any part of the BaconBoss™ Cooker appears to be damaged or malfunctioning, discontinue use immediately.
  • When using the BaconBoss™ Cooker, do not use kitchen utensils that may cause personal injury or damage to the surface of the system.
  • Bacon will produce grease. Be sure to cook on a surface safe for your method of cooking to prevent any mess, harm to yourself or your appliances, or grease fire.
  • Always place the BaconBoss™ Cooker on a heat safe surface.
  • Always allow the BaconBoss™ Cooker to completely cool before handling without oven mitts or cleaning.
  • Never pour hot bacon grease down the drain. As it cools, it solidifies and can cause a clogged drain.
  • You can either pour the grease into a container or let it solidify and scoop it into a plastic bag, then dispose of it in the trash.
  • Never use the BaconBoss™ Cooker with the convection setting on your microwave. Do not attempt to use the BaconBoss™ Cooker in a microwave where the original turntable has been damaged or removed, and ensure the BaconBoss™ Cooker can freely rotate in the microwave before use.

USING YOUR BaconBoss™ Cooker

Before use, wash your BaconBoss™ Cooker in warm soapy water.

Make sure the pan is upright, and lay the bacon strips flat side by side across the grease challes as shown above. D not overlap or cover the center post.

Note: Do not place the bacon in the grease channels.

Place the pressure lid on top and twist the center handle clockwise 90 degrees to flatten the bacon. Do NOT overtighten.

Place the BaconBoss™ Cooker in the center of the microwave or internal rotating tray.

Add 1 minute of cooking time for each strip of bacon you are cooking. If the bacon is not fully cooked after this time, set the microwave at 30 second intervals until it reaches desired crispness.

NOTE: Cooking times are based on a 1100 Watt Microwave.


Preheat your oven to 350°F. We recommend applying non-stick cooking spreay or cooking oil onto a paper towel to evenly coat the surface of the BaconBoss™ Cooker before each use. DO NOT spray or pour oil directly onto the BaconBoss™ Cooker. Place the BaconBoss™ Cooker on an oven safe surface (such as a cookie sheet) and cook in your oven for 35 minutes. IF the bacon is not done cooking, place the BaconBoss™ Cooker back in the oven and check every 5 minutes until the bacon reaches desired crispness.


Your BaconBoss™ Cooker can be cleaned by hand or in your dishwasher. The orange silicone ring around the glass lid can be removed for cleaning. Make sure to add the orange silicone ring back onto the glass lid before using your BaconBoss™ Cooker again.


As the bacon cooks, grease collects in the side channel. Remove the grease by lifting the BaconBoss™ Cooker on an angle and pouring it out of the corner into a container.

Note: Grease is hot and must be stored in a container that can withstand heat.



To make sticks, twist the strips of bacon before putting them into the BaconBoss™ Cooker. After you twist the bacon strips, put them in the grease channels as shown above, otherwise they will be pressed flat.


To make bacon pockets, top with filling and fold the bacon strips closed before putting them into the BaconBoss™ Cooker. Lay them flat side by side across the grease channels as shown above.


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